Who We Are

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AS Deportiva is a website that is devoted to reporting the latest events and news behind the sport of soccer, we are in charge of writing not only about the latest match and seasons. But we also discuss the games to come and the state of the latest leagues, we are known for detailing every detail behind this magical sport and we always do it with a smile on our faces since soccer is our passion.

We started in the project of AS Deportiva five years ago. At first, we wanted to have a simple website that can hold our predictions and opinions about the multiple games to come, as well as discuss our favorite teams and the promising soccer stars to come. But AS Deportiva was created with such care and professionalism that it was just a matter of time for us to grow bigger.

With each article that we posted here in AS Deportiva, we could notice the feedback and attention that new visitors had with our content, as well with potential readers that became our regular readers. For that our website was just going ahead and becoming one of the most reliable websites that hold information about soccer.

And since the team behind AS Deportiva are fans as well of the sport and they consider themselves as professionals in everything behind it, that’s why with each prediction in any match we always get it right, and that draws the potential gamblers that want to bet in the next football team to reach victory.