Diego Costa Out of the Pitch Three Months

Diego Costa Out of the Pitch Three Months

Diego Costa is the prominent star from the Atletico, and it has been an outstanding player in his staying with the team. But sadly after his latest game, Diego declared that he couldn’t go any further until he felt better.

While he was playing against Girona, Diego Costa declared that the pain under his foot was unbearable, after that, he entered under the cares of a specialist and see the option of receiving his surgery. While a lot of fans tell him about postponing his surgery, he couldn’t play any longer until he had his surgery.

How Long Until Diego Costa Can Go Back To The Soccer Field?

While his surgery isn’t a matter of life or death, Diego Costa would be off for at least three months, and since the operation is an important matter for the future of the Atletico Madrid, he would receive the best care possible, as well the best doctor available for his surgery.

Who Will Be The Surgeon That Would Do The Surgery For Diego Costa?

Rodrigo Lasmar would be the choosing surgeon for this highly important procedure, this Brazilian doctor is responsible for the last operation in Diego Costa, and while that operation was a success, Diego explained that he felt a little discomfort.

Now Rodrigo Lasmar has found the solution for that particular problem and is willing to make the operation, Simeone has explained the position that the Atletico is having without Diego, and while they hope for a quick recovery, is almost secure that Diego is going to spend a good time resting his wound.

What Will Happen With Atletico Without Diego Costa?

But truth be told, Atletico is going to have a rough time without Costa, and by playing Copa Del Rey without Costa the prognostic for a victory in favor of Atletico is unsure, and while is speculated that Diego is returning to late March, Atletico would participate in 20 games without Diego Costa.

But not everything is Bad news for the Atletico since Simeone has said that Atletico can deal without Diego for a while, and, after his recovery, Diego could be playing with his best potential to this date, but to see that we’ll have to wait until late March.

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