Who are the Favorites for Wednesday’s Champions League Match Day?

Who are the Favorites for Wednesday’s Champions League Match Day?

Champions League is one of the titles that any team would like to aspire in European football, the maximum prize that could be consecrated. And particularly this season 2018/2019 have seen some teams that have surprised both negatively and positively.

Going Against Real Madrid Is Tough

Real Madrid has always been one of the most difficult teams of this competition, including the maximum winner, and comes from winning 3 Champions in a row and 4 in just 5 years, a total record in the new Champions League format.

But after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lopetegui’s unstable relationship with the team, Madrid isn’t living its best seasons, while Barcelona is in first place in their qualifying group, with Messi that has managed to score some goals and saving the team in different opportunities.

There’s Always A Disappointing Team

Who has disappointed a little bit is Valencia FC, not showing their best performance so far this season. Paris Saint-German also hasn’t started on a good footing, as it’s a defeat, but still fighting for the title.

It isn’t a secret to anyone that the favorites of the competition will always be the most important teams in Europe such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, PSG or Juventus. But it’s a fight that will be very hard to see a group and even individual performances of individual players who are giving everything for the team.

You Shouldn’t Miss These Matches

The return of the Champions League qualifying phase begins on November 28 and there are some games that many people will not miss because they will be very good.

Tottenham vs. Inter Milan is one of the most attractive matches to watch, where the scorers and stars of these teams like Harry Kane or Mauro Icardi are expected to stand out and provide a good game.

Paris Saint-German and Liverpool are two excellent teams and many people will not miss this game, considering themselves as one of the best of this round of qualification. The promise of football, Salah, or the Brazilian idol, Neymar, will be playing with their respective teams as well.

Viktoria Plzen and Shakhtar Donetsk were two of the teams that won during the day of Tuesday, November 27. While the result of Manchester City against Hoffenheim surprised many people, to tie the game.

The Knockout Stages

Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Juventus, Roma and Manchester United are some of the teams that have advanced to the knockout stages of the Champions League, after achieving a favorable result during Tuesday’s matches.

But the game of Atletico Madrid and Monaco will be another of the most anticipated; even the bookmakers have Monaco 1700, Atlético -575, Sorteo 630; both teams were equal in scoring in their qualifying group.

We hope that this Wednesday’s matches are good and entertaining. Although in the Champions League, all matches are good because they’re fighting for the most important title in football.

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